The surface of Venus is very different from any other planet in the solar system with its high atmospheric pressure, low wind velocities, and the extremely high temperatures at the surface. The Soviet Union made a series of landings in the 1970s and early 1980s that gave us detailed data on the appearance and make up of the surface of Planet Venus. Spacecraft Venera 13 took a nice panorama view of the surface which shows the flat, slabby, layered nature of the rocks. Volcanic and sedimentary rocks on the Earth can develop such an appearance, but the reason that the Venusian rocks exhibit these physical characteristics is not known. Some darker fine-grained soil was present and lifted into the air by the touchdown of Venera 13. Small pebble sized rocks or clods of soil were also scattered about the landing site. Even with the heavy cloud cover there is enough light filtering through the clouds for the picture. The yellowish tint to the air really adds an alien look to the whole scene. You see part of the spacecraft at the bottom of the scene.


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