Photo Credit: U.C. Berkeley Space Sciences Laboratory/W.M. Keck Observatory

Wolf-Rayet Stars, named for the two astronomers that discovered them, are hot massive luminous stars. They are typically 3 times bigger than our Sun, a Yellow Dwarf Star, and 25 times heavier than our Sun! A Wolf-Rayet Star would be 100,000 times brighter than our Sun. That is about the same as the way Our Sun outshines our Moon! Wolf-Reynet 104 is actually a Binary Star System. The companion star is not as big as Wr 104 but is a luminous Blue OB Star with a strong stellar wind. These two stars orbit each other every 220 days. Massive Stars like WR 104 end their lives by Super Nova Explosion and some form a Black Hole and give off a deadly Gamma Ray Burst (GRB). Gamma Rays are extremely powerful and just as the Black Hole is forming two very tightly focused beams, like a flash light beam, of Gamma Ray radiation are shot out of the north and south orbital poles of the Star. These two beams are extremely powerful and can travel thousands of light years destroying everything in their path. The Earth my be online with one of these beams! All the data is not in yet however and WR 104 is 8,000 light years from Earth. Watch for my article on Death Star WR 104 coming soon. For now you should read my article on "The Birth & Death of Our Sun" for more info on Stellar Evolution which will help you understand the coming articles on Death Star WR 104 and black holes. You should also read my article "Basic Gravity" for a better understanding of Stellar Evolution.

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