The Universe, Reality, and You!
Greetings Earthlings. Do not get excited by the title, you do not have to know any Physics, or Astronomy to understand this article! Before we begin I would highly recommend that anyone interested in the Universe, buy themselves a copy of "COSMOS" by one of my Heroes "Carl Sagan" who recently merged with the Universe. You will not be able to put the book down. Now to begin. The best way to gain a concept of the Universe, as a complete whole Entity or Being, is to look at yourself first, since you are a copy of the universe in Miniature. The ancient philosophers of Earth referred to these two twins as the MacroCosm and the MicroCosm. The microcosm referring to the individual Being and the MacroCosm referring to the Entire Universe. I will be using these two terms repeatedly in all my articles so remember them. That is correct my young Earthlings you are made of Star Stuff! Cooked in the ovens of giant stars, then blown to the four winds by the Supernova Explosions of stars in their death through. Only to reform and accumulate as a cloud of gas or dust, or a new galaxy or solar system somewhere else in the universe. All these things were going on for Billions of years before Earth and our solar system even existed! Before we get to the facts, let's use our Imaginations to gain a New Perspective from which to gaze at ourselves and the Universe. Settle back in your easy chair as we prepare to take an Imaginary trip deep inside the Human Body. In order to gain our New Perspective we need to create an average human being to use as the subject for our Imaginary journey. We will name our imaginary Human subject "THOMAS". Now we enter our specially designed Space Craft with the ability to shrink itself down to microscopic size!!! When everyone is strapped in we will begin our journey deep into the body of THOMAS our subject. Everyone hold on here we go! Wow we have shrunk down to the size of an individual Blood Cell!!! A large number of us could easily fit on the head of a pin. Our Pilot fires up the Hyper Drive and heads our ship for the Right Big Toe of our subject THOMAS. The Big Toe is so huge it fills our view screen just like the Universe fills the night sky with its majesty. Flying at warp speed we finally reach a point 150 feet above the surface of the Right Big Toe of THOMAS. Wow, there are huge holes in the surface one of the Earthling passengers remarks. Those are just pores in the skin that we sweat through our Vulcan Guide replies. They seem as big as the Grand Canyon because we are so Tiny now. Take us in he orders the Pilot, slow and easy. Slowly we fly down inside the pore and deeper into the body of THOMAS. Finally we arrive at the wall of one of the body's smallest blood vessels called a Capillary Artery. The Capillary Blood Vessels are where the veins and arteries meet. Our Pilot nudges the ship slowly ahead until we penetrate the wall and are inside the Blood Stream. We look around and see all the blood cells hard at work doing the things hard working cells do to make a living. We see two cells standing around talking to each other. The pilot activates our sound sensors so we can listen in on their conversation. We will call the cell on the left "Cell A" and the cell on the right "Cell B" for identification. Cell A says to Cell B: "Do you believe in the Great "THOMAS" master of the Universe in which we live?" Cell B replies: "No I do not believe in the great THOMAS. I cannot see, hear or feel any great THOMAS anywhere in the universe. I see only the Sun by day and the Stars by night. I hear only my children's cries and the joys of every day life. There is no great THOMAS I tell you." With a Twinkle in his eye Cell A Says: "Can a drop of water know the Ocean? Can a grain of sand know the beach? Can a single Star know the Universe? Does this prevent their existence in space and time? I think not my friend." Now about this moment in time, back in reality, THOMAS our subject gets up to get himself a beer from the fridge. On the way there he stumps his Right Big Toe on a chair leg, utterly destroying the entire universe known by Cell B in a few seconds!!!! However the rest of the Universe is still intact as THOMAS opens his beer cursing about his badly bruised Right Big Toe and makes his way back to the TV. The "point" of all the above is that from the "Cell B" point of view THOMAS, (our Imaginary Human Subject), did not exist. However in REALITY we know THOMAS existed on a Plane far beyond the capability of Cell B to understand. This new prospective you have gained by looking at the VERY Small within you, in comparison to yourself will serve you well young Earthlings. This new knowledge will aid you on your quest for the very LARGE. That concludes Part One of our journey toward understanding the Universe around us. Watch for Part Two "Planet Earth where are you" coming to an Internet near you soon!! I leave you with this Vulcan joke: An Earthling walks into a Bar and sits down by a wise old Vulcan. The Earthling says: "There is so much violence on my planet! There are just too many guns around." The Wise old Vulcan looks at the Earthling and says: "Guns could be three feet deep on the sidewalks of Planet Vulcan and no one would be getting shot, only blisters from sweeping up all the guns." May the Force be with you my Earthling Friends. Live Long and Prosper! May HE whom the winds fear Light your path and Guide your steps as you journey through this life. Written by: The Galactic Sage


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