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Greetings my young Earthling Friends. Let me once again make my position clear to those of you who have not read any of my articles. I believe there are millions of Races of Intelligent Beings all across the Universe! However, they are NOT coming to Earth as so many seem to believe. Did you know there are lots of UFO sightings around the globe every day here on Planet Earth? Ha Ha Ha! Let me explain to you why this is NOT true. I guess the thing that gets under my skin the most is that people have the idea that the Alien Visitors have some reason to hide from us! Ha Ha Ha!!! That is so Very Very Funny and is at the root of the whole UFO Phenomena! Highly advanced Beings have absolutely NO reason to hide from us! We would be powerless to stop them from coming here or to influence them in any way! They certainly do not travel across the Galaxy to leave crop circle messages! Ha Ha Ha!! That one is really funny to me! I told you in my other articles that the Forces of Good and Evil struggle against each other all over the Universe! I told you that our chances of meeting the Good Aliens verses the Bad Aliens were about equal. Now I wish to tell you that in reality it is more likely that we will meet the Evil Aliens, and I will tell you why. Evil Aliens are savage conquerors that Harvest a Planet's resources for their own purposes and are NOT concerned at all with the people that live there, which they see as inferior beings! They continue to expand their Empires just like Alexander the Great, The Romans, Attila the Hun, and all the rest here on Earth. They just take over planets instead of countries. Now to continue to expand your Empire you need to keep building Bases of Operations for resupply and coordination of your Forces. Since they pillage each Planet for everything they can get without regard for the inhabitants they can expand much Faster than the Good Aliens who are just interested in scientific research, mapping, and exploration. The Good Aliens do not wish to harm the environment or disrupt any primitive cultures like Ours! Earth would be a very Good Target for the Evil Aliens because it has one of the most precious substances in the Universe! Liquid Water! Our vast oceans would be too good for them to pass up! I hope I have not upset you about the Evil Aliens but I wanted to be truthful, and remember we are evidently in a quiet out of the way sector of the Milky Way Galaxy at least for now. From my other articles you know the Milky Way Galaxy is VAST, over 100,000 Light Years across, so we are truly a needle in a huge haystack. You are beginning to see things from the Alien point of view, and are starting to realize that all the sightings here are NOT real because the invasion fleet would be here by now! Can you see an Alien commander telling his crew: "ok everyone now remember to flash our lights in many different colors and remember to make 90 degree turns because no Earth aircraft can do that. Lets put on a great light show for the Earthlings to photograph and Video." Ha Ha! There will be those that claim the good Aliens are the ones that are here and to them I say if that were true you would not be aware of it! The last thing they would want is to stir up a bunch of crap about UFO sightings. Their technology is so far above ours that it would be no trouble for them to remain hidden if they so desired. The UFO Phenomena has been going on for Ages on our Planet and despite many claims there is not one piece of physical evidence. The thing to remember is that Intelligent Beings have reasons for doing things just as we do. I do not believe visiting Earth for ages, kidnapping Earthlings, making crop circles, killing cattle and all the rest is worth the huge expense and all the Time and trouble involved! One Light Year = approximately 6 Trillion Miles, and is the distance Light travels in one year. The Speed of Light is 186,200 Miles per Second, so it only takes SunLight about 8.333 Minutes to reach Earth 93 million miles from the Sun One of my favorite old movies is: "The Day the Earth Stood Still", (the Original Black and White version), which was very well done for that time period. One that you are more familiar with: "First Contact" from the later Star Trek the Next Generation series was a good one also. The reason I mention them is that in my opinion that would be the time the Good Aliens would want to contact Earth or any other planet that would now be a threat to more than just their own Planet and people. They would be wanting to meet us and find out what type of Beings we are and what values we have. Another reason could be that Intergalactic or Planetary System War is about to engulf this sector of our Galaxy and they want to shield us from the aggressors. One thing is for sure my young Earthling friends, when they arrive friend or foe you will not have to look for them, for they have no reason to hide! My personal favorite Movie was from the Original Star Trek Series and "Errand of Mercy" was the title of the episode. It was about the "Orgainians", a race of beings as far above us as we are above the Ants! They made both the Klingon and Federation weapons useless and paralyzed their fleets all over the Galaxy! Be sure to read "Roswell, Aliens, and Mankind" from the link below for more thought on just how advanced these Alien visitors will be. May the Force be with you my Earthling Friends. Live Long and Prosper! May HE whom the winds fear Light your path and Guide your steps as you journey through this life. Written by: The Galactic Sage


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