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                       Roswell, Aliens, and Mankind
Let me again make myself clear on Alien Life. I believe there are millions of races of intelligent beings scattered throughout the Universe! However they are NOT coming to Earth as so many seem to believe. Before we get into Roswell and other sightings, my young earthling friends, I must help you gain a new prospective from which to examine the UFO phenomena. My other articles have already started this. From them you know that Earth is just a planet in a solar system of which there are millions in just our Milky Way Galaxy alone. You also know there are millions of Galaxies in the Universe we are aware of. Now sit back in your easy chair as we enhance your prospective further. Before we can understand other races of beings we must understand mankind as a single race from planet Earth. Think of mankind just 2000 years ago for instance. Their knowledge of the universe and planet Earth were non existent! They believed the Earth was flat and was the center of the Universe with everything revolving around it. Now think back to your high school days and remember the Three Classic periods in human development: Stone Age, Bronze Age, and the Iron Age. The Paleolithic Period, or Old Stone Age, is the longest period of human development, lasting from about 2.5 million to about 10,000 years ago, or around 8,000 BC. Then a transition period leading to the true smelting of Copper about 3800 BC in Iran, to common use of Bronze by 3000 BC. Then comes the Iron Age with true iron metallurgy beginning between 1900 and 1400 BC. The art of iron smelting was perfected by around 1200 BC, and by 1000 BC iron objects and the knowledge of iron metallurgy had spread throughout the Near East, the Mediterranean and westward into Europe. From your world history classes you know that according to tradition, the city of Rome was founded on April 21, 753 BC leading to the founding of the Roman republic in 509 BC. The point of all of the above is to show you that the humans you are familiar with have only been around for 10,000 years! Humans progressed from the end of the Old Stone Age to modern times in 10,000 years. This may seem like a long time to you but relative to the age of the Universe it is a mere second in time. Now any Alien race that can get to Earth will be far more advanced than Mankind. They may be able to trace their history back 100,000 or 200,000 years or Longer!!! Just based on the advances of mankind in the last 2000 years alone, can you imagine what the Aliens have learned in 200,000 years!!! From these facts alone you can see that we would be like cave men to them! Good and Evil exist throughout the Universe so our chances of meeting friend or foe should be about equal. Advanced beings aligned with the Forces of Good will pose no threat to Earth and would most likely observe a hands off attitude toward Earthlings. Aliens aligned with the Forces of Evil will be savage conquerors that harvest the resources of Planetary Systems for their own aims. Regardless of whether they are good or evil they will be far beyond what we call technology! They will not be flying by for people to photograph or putting on light shows for groups of earthlings to film, or making crop circles in fields. When they arrive, friend or foe, you will not have to look for them! Now you are beginning to understand just how advanced these Alien Beings are going to be! Even we simple earthlings have Cat Scans and MRIs to look inside the human body, so just imagine how far above this level they must be just in the medical field alone. You now have a new prospective to view UFO sightings from so let us take a look at one of the famous sightings from the past which occured in July 1947 near Roswell New Mexico. I cannot address every detail in this short article so I direct you to "Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia" Web Site for the details and lots of pictures and in depth articles. Newspapers, the History Channel and Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia were my sources for this article. Since I cannot relate the entire episode here is a brief summary of what happened in July 1947: Apparently only two people in Roswell, Mr. and Mrs. Dan Wilmot, saw what they thought was a flying disk. That Wednesday night around 10 pm the Wilmots were sitting on their porch, when a large glowing object zoomed out of the sky from the southeast, going in a northwesterly direction at a high rate of speed and then disappearing over the treetops in the general vicinity of six mile hill. It was in sight less then a minute, perhaps 40 or 50 seconds, Wilmot estimated. The Wilmots are respected and reliable citizens of Roswell. Also, Mac Brazel a local ranch owner notified Sheriff Wilcox of Chaves County, that he had found debris from the UFO on his property. There was NO gouged out path on the ground from a crash landing UFO, and there was NO Crater from a direct straight in crash by a UFO. The scattered debris was consistant with the type of projects the Air Force was working on in my opinion. Sheriff Wilcox notified the Air Force and they sent a team to investigate. Now what you must remember about the 1947 time period is that World War II had just ended in 1945 and the United States was desparate for a way to Spy on Russia and their atomic capability. Also the UFO mania was already present in New Mexico before the Roswell sighting. The popular government cover up conspiracy people should remember the United States could not even keep the Atomic Bomb secret where they had far more control of the enviroment involved than they would have at Roswell. The Air Force was conducting secret High altitude tests there at Roswell Army Air Base and who knows what other secret goings on there were. The Air Force was also looking at the use of high altitude baloons with cameras to spy on Russia. The Air Force did change their story later but you must remember they were happy for any story other than the top secret one. That is where the Air Force made their Big Mistake! They should have just admitted it was part of a secret project and it would have been forgotten. Instead they ended up propelling Roswell into the History books! I am sure what Mr. and Mrs. Wilmot saw was an Air Force experiment that went out of control and crashed. I highly reccommend the History Channel Program on Roswell for everyone! Remember if evil aliens had crashed at Roswell the invasion fleet would be here by now and we would all be slaves. Had the Good Aliens crashed they would have had the technology to remove the evidence. Most importantly remember, highly advanced beings have far more dependable aircraft than Earth does. In fact I would say a crash without involving combat would be Extremely Rare! Their computers are far beyond anything we can imagine just to navigate a spacecraft moving at near light speed through the Galaxy. Now you understand that with the technology these beings have there would be no need to kidnap earthlings when their scanner technology could reveal all to them. When you think about it this UFO craze is similar to the days of old when mankind was learning to sail the 7 seas, and Sea Monsters and sailing off the edge of the world were real fears! Planet Earth has far more to fear from Asteroids than Alien Invaders at the present time. Be sure you check out "Wikipedia", the Free Encyclopedia Web Site for the details and other links. Now in closing I leave you with a paragraph from my first article: Remember when Queen Isabella financed Chris Columbus on his quest for the new world? Did she say: "now Chris just sail by and let them photograph you, then kidnap a few of them" or did she expect gold and spices in return??? When they get here you will not have to guess or look for them. You will either be greeted as a friend or be working in the Salt Mines!!! Lucky for Earth we are evidently in a quiet out of the way sector of the Milky Way Galaxy for now!! May the FORCE be with you! Live Long and Prosper! May HE whom the winds fear Light your path and Guide your steps as you journey through this life. Written by: The Galactic Sage


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